CDs vs. Digital Music

There are many mediums one could use to listen to music and each has their own advantages and disadvantages.


The current digital media has ushered in many new lifestyles and ways to access information. One such way is the large shift to digital music. Streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music make it easier than ever to access any type of music. Vinyls, CDs and radio are steadily heading towards extinction.

“Digital music is way better,” junior Grace Goodman said. “I lose too many things to handle CDs.”

Although keeping track of physical items may be difficult for some, CDs offer many different benefits for consumers.

One benefit they have is they do not have any advertisements or commercials that interrupt the music. While some streaming services allow the option to get rid of these advertisements through further payment, such as paying a monthly fee or becoming a premium member, others do not. CDs allow for continuous music without having to pay an extra fee; there is simply one fee to buy the item, and consumers have no need to pay for anything additional.

Should someone not wish to pay for any additional services on streaming services, consumers are often subjected to listening to songs they do not like or know. They are limited to how many songs they can skip before they are forced to listen. This can often ruin the overall enjoyment of listening to music. CDs, however, allow the user to freely skip songs they do not wish to hear, without the confinement of a specific amount of songs. This allows for many to further enjoy their experiences.

In addition to improving overall enjoyment for many, they also can aid in supporting local record shops and businesses. As many are going out of business due to a lack of consumers, purchasing records from these stores can help to keep them open.

However, digital music also has many benefits. They are easily accessible and can travel anywhere with ease without having to remember a large item to bring. This way the music can never be lost or misplaced, and one can play music on the go wherever they wish. Additionally, CDs often become scratched over time, and therefore lose the ability to play music. Digital, however, can be played as many times as one may wish, without fear of damage.

Additionally, digital music allows the user to listen to specific songs from a wide range of artists or genres, without being confined to a set number of songs by the same artist.

No matter which medium one may choose to use, people will continue to enjoy the music they love.