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Cup O’ Joe Coffeehouse Opens in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin

Jazzmyn Roman, Tom Tom Staff

February 27, 2020

The brand new Cup O’ Joe Coffeehouse had its grand opening on February 20, 2020; however, it is not just any ordinary coffeehouse. The creators, Dena Prestininzi and Kim Hill, have decorated the coffeehouse entirely with memorabilia and objects relating to the hit television series, Friends.  Originally from Escondido, California, Prest...

Star has released many palettes over the years. Some have bright colors while others have more neutral tones for everyday wear. He also offers other products such as highlighters and lipsticks.

Jeffree Star’s New Makeup Palette Sparks Questions

February 21, 2020

Jeffree Star began his career on social media. In his videos reviewing makeup, he expressed a passion ...

Sophomore Leo Reband’s love for chicken nuggets surpasses reason. This sentiment is consistent among students of ACHS; however, there are many options for students who are looking to indulge in chicken nugget cravings. “One of my favorite places to eat is Wendys,” Reband said. “I love how the nuggets have that spicy and tangy flavor about them.”

All About the Nugs

December 17, 2019

America changed the world of food in 1955 with the opening of McDonalds. As McDonalds grew over the years,...

Over the past ten years, many companies have released games with special editions and perks for pre-ordering video games, with the trend getting more prevalent. “I think it has potential to increase,” junior Liam Mash said. “Because game developers can say ‘Oh people will pre-order a game, we don’t need to try as hard.”

Charging More for a Yearly Release

October 25, 2019

The video game industry has introduced many new practices over the past decade meant to increase profit...

There are many ways to support breast cancer without wearing pink. Going on a breast cancer run, donating money, and simply having a conversation are just one of the many few.

Washed Out

October 25, 2019

Every October pink accents appear in many places in support of breast cancer awareness. According to ...

Students choose to consume energy labeled beverages over something healthier, like water. This raises concerns due to the large amounts of caffeine and sugar found in the beverage.

Craving for Caffeine

October 23, 2019

For just over two dollars, a cocktail composed of sugar and caffeine creates an easily accessible co...

Sophomore Autumn RIzzo is wearing a black jumpsuit with a plaid tank top.

Diving into 2019 Fall Fashion Trends

October 14, 2019

Fall has just begun and various fashion trends are on the rise. The change of seasons brings new pat...

Duolingo users can earn achievements the more they learn a language.

Study Apps Maximize Productivity

October 3, 2019

Studying effectively and staying focused are common struggles when it comes to finishing school work...

Netflix's original series, Stranger Things, has gathered a large following from viewers of all ages. The show has three seasons available to stream and likely has a fourth in the works.

Popular Netflix Shows Worth Watching

October 2, 2019

Netflix is home to countless television shows and movies, with many labelled as “critically acclaimed” o...

The App Store is full of editing apps similar to these, all serving different purposes and providing different tools.

Top 5 Photo Editing Apps

September 11, 2019

The App Store offers countless apps for editing photos, and for someone who has never used any before...



February 22, 2019

Boston-based company Harmonix strung into gamers hearts with the creation of “Guitar Hero,” in 2005. ...

Over the Counter Confusion

February 22, 2019

Many know the feeling of grabbing the white palm sized container, filled with the red, blue or white...

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