Knock knock, it is time for the Boston Birkenstock

The Boston Birkenstocks have garnered a great amount of popularity in the past year, but is the German shoe worth the price or overrated?


Ashley Lubkeman

Boston Birkenstocks offer comfort and convenience while keeping up with current fashion trends.

Birkenstock’s Boston-style shoes have increased in popularity in the past few years. They are a clog style and typically priced around $150. Sold by the German company Birkenstock, the shoes have amassed polarizing opinions. 

Birkenstock has made the symbol for their brand, comfort and ease in footwear. The Bostons were created for consumers to have a shoe they could wear in the winter as an alternative to the typical Arizona-style sandal. The shoes have the same shape as the classic sandal while offering more thermal resistance. 

The shoes come in various colors and materials ranging from suede to leather, offering a timeless shoe that can be worn in an assortment of ways. Whether looking for a slipper-like or a business-casual shoe, Bostons can be fancy or informal.

The clog shoe trend has not come without opposing opinions; often regarded as clunky, informal and overpriced by the fashion community. Having such a wide footbed serves a remarkably unique look. In addition, many people find the granola style of the shoe simply ugly.

Counter-opinions concerning footwear do not stop students at Antioch Community High School from wearing clog-style shoes. 

Senior Sophia Shaffer wears Boston Birkenstocks because they are different from other shoes on the market.

“Birkenstocks are different from other shoes because they have multiple uses, and they are comfortable,” Shaffer said. “I would totally recommend Birkenstocks to other people.”

Comfort and convenience are the colossal selling points for Bostons. For senior Alexa Phillips, the practicality of the shoes makes them an excellent option for her.

“I like that the Boston Birkenstocks are more unique than the typical two strap Birkenstocks that are most commonly seen,” Phillips said. “[Bostons] are still just as functional and easy to throw on in colder weather.” 

With a hefty price of $150, the shoes may seem overpriced to purchase. While it is a high price to pay for any shoe, it is true for quality. Birkenstocks are built to last for years.

“I definitely think that Bostons are worth the price as they last for a really long time,” Phillips said. “I’ve had mine for four years, and they’re in great condition.” 

If looking to purchase a clog-style shoe, it is evident that the Boston Birkenstocks are a great option. While the price may be relatively high, the Bostons last for years. They offer a winter alternative to the typical sandals sold by Birkenstocks. When in the market for a shoe that is easy to style and timeless, look no further than the Boston Birkenstocks.