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All good things must crumb to an end, but Crumbl Cookies is just getting started

Crumbl is a cookie company that is has grown exponentially since it has opened. Pleasant Prarie welcomed one of the newest locations, but the Sequoits have varying opinions on the cookies.

Crumbl Cookies is a cookie company that has taken the country by storm. The business that was established in 2017 as a side hustle by two cousins, has since grown to have more than 200 stores nationwide. In just four years, Crumbl has become one of the most popular cookie companies. Pleasant Prairie welcomed one of the newest Crumbl locations on Sept. 17 of 2021; Crumbl has a unique menu of fresh cookies that changes every week. There are two types of cookies that are always on the menu, sugar and milk chocolate chip; these are paired with four to five different flavors each week. For the week of Oct. 4, the company chose to recognize Breast Cancer Awareness Month and chose a pink theme. The six different Crumbl flavors of the week are as follows:


Pink Velvet:

Emma Poklop

According to Crumbl, this cookie is a pink cake batter cookie topped with cream cheese frosting, and it is dusted with pink velvet cookie crumbs.

Senior Hannah Benes enjoyed the pink velvet cookie quite a bit.

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“The frosting tastes like cream cheese frosting, which is my favorite,” Benes said. “I do like [this cookie] and I would recommend it.”

Ruby Chocolate Chip:

Emma Poklop

Crumbl described the cookie as an original base with almond flavor, packed with real Ruby chocolate chips.

Senior Mady Lopez was underwhelmed. 

“It just tastes like a normal chocolate chip cookie with a little bit of strawberry,” Lopez said.


Pink Doughnut:

Emma Poklop

According to Crumbl, this cookie is a warm vanilla cookie that has been given the doughnut treatment, glazed with a pink vanilla glaze and topped with rainbow sprinkles.

Junior Matthew Stanek was unimpressed with the pink doughnut.

“They look pretty, but I feel like the doughnut is a scam,” Stanek said. “They cut out the center and charge the same price. It’s not very flavorful. I think it’s boring, kind of doughy and plain.”

While it looked the most impressive, the pink doughnut cookie did not live up to the expectation. Having white frosting instead of pink and an underbaked taste, the cookie definitely was not on the top of the best Crumbl cookies list.


Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake:

Emma Poklop

Crumbl claims that this cookie is a chilled chocolate cookie, studded with semi-sweet chocolate and topped with a strawberry cheesecake frosting.

Senior Emily Boslet enjoyed the cookie, but wouldn’t recommend it to everyone.

“I would recommend it [even] if you don’t like strawberries,” Boslet said. “I don’t really taste much of the strawberry; I get a lot of the cookie though.”


Classic Sugar:

Emma Poklop

Crumbl describes this as their classic sugar cookie base topped with a perfect pink swirl of almond-flavored frosting.

“The creamy texture of the frosting contrasts beautifully with the coarse cookie,” senior Nate Knoll said. “It’s the perfect balance.”

The cookie had a bold almond flavor, causing polarizing opinions. Consumers either loved or hated the sugar cookie. 


Milk Chocolate Chip:

Emma Poklop

Crumbl describes this as a warm cookie with milk chocolate chips.

Senior Colin Cameron tried the milk chocolate chip cookie and enjoyed it.

“It is very sweet,” said Cameron. “It’s sweeter than the average chocolate chip cookie, but I would recommend it. It is very good.” 

Clearly, there is a reason this cookie is on the menu every week.


While some cookies were seen as delicious, others were simply mediocre. Having a menu that changes every week makes it easy for the company to have inconsistent quality. 

With such a varied menu, it is understandable why Crumbl has grown in popularity. The cookie company that started just a mere four years ago is one of the top dessert brands today. Now, just 25 minutes away from Antioch Community High School, these gourmet cookies will definitely be an added go-to spot for Sequoits.


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