Behind the Scenes : Going to Lollapalooza

Students at ACHS share their experience at Lollapallooza this summer.

Lollapalooza is not just any ordinary music festival, each years lineup will provide you an exclusive and worthwhile experience. Taking place in our very own Chicago’s Grant Park, the entire venue overlooks the Windy City. The aesthetics of Lollapalooza are pleasing, and there are many photo opportunities to capture favorite moments.

Prices range from $120 for general admission to $335 for a four-day pass, and up to $4,200 for VIP (plus tax and fees). Some would find this to be an absurd amount of money, but for senior Rachel Phillips, tickets are worth every penny.

“ I was very close to the stage,” Phillips said. “I saw multiple of my favorite artists on both days I went.”

Along with attending Lollapalooza, the time leading up to the festival involves a lot of planning. While some purchase tickets months in advance, transportation, finding what to eat, hair, makeup, and outfits can still be a struggle to organizing.

“I planned my outfit a week before,” junior Miranda Chamberlin said. “I ended up changing my mind and got a different outfit closer to when I was going.”

Lollapalooza does not target any specific genre of music; there is a stage for everyone to enjoy. Being exposed to different styles of music can serve to change your interests. From rap at the American Eagle stage, to EDM at Perry’s stage, Lollapalooza has a genre for all who attend.

“I really enjoyed being surrounded with people who enjoy the same music as me,” senior Amber Phillips said. “Vibing with people who are there for the same reason you are makes it way more fun.”

Although every person has their own preference of “good music” to listen to, it’s the art of musicality that brings them together. The culture and atmosphere of music festivals like Lollapalooza is one of a kind, and has the ability to bring different people to unite and appreciate the sound of music.