Boys React to Being Told to Slap a Girl

Italy; the land of lovers not fighters.

Watch What Happens When Boys are Asked to Slap a Girl

Watch What Happens When Boys are Asked to Slap a Girl

In a warming, new, and viral video, a group of young boys prove that older isn’t always wiser. Italian online news site, Fanpage, released a PSA video in attempt to draw attention to domestic violence against women.

Italian journalist, Luca Lavarone, asks five young Italian boys from ages six to 11 to answer a few questions about themselves before he introduces them to Martina, who steals the hearts of the young boys within seconds. Lavarone asks the boys to caress Martina, and without hesitation they all stroke her cheek. When told to compliment her, the young boys do so in seconds. When obeyed to make a funny face at her, the boys immediately stick out their tongues and cross their eyes in an attempt to make her laugh.

But when told to slap Martina, the boys react differently. They all look horrified and confused at the outrageous request. Torn between to obey the request and to their own morals, every boy stops and shakes their head, refusing to slap Martina.

When Lavarone asked why they would not slap her, they all responded to not wanting to harm her, not believing in violence and all came to agree that it is not right to hit a girl.

Boy refused to hit girl in PSA video
Boy refused to hit girl in video to promote awareness of domestic violence

The video was posted on Saturday Jan. 6 and has over 33 million views. The heartwarming video provides a powerful and effective message that should be addressed, and proves to be a serious dilemma around the world.

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