Bring On the Winter Festivities

A guide to the most enjoyable activities to do this winter.


Sledding and Skiing: these two are fan favorite activities people like doing during the winter time. While they are enjoying their time in winter wonderland, they are getting in their daily exercise. It’s the perfect combination of fun and work and people enjoy the experience of going down a fast, yet slippery, hill.

Go ice skating: whether it’s going to an ice skating rink or just skating on a nearby lake, ice skating is a fun sport to do. Going with enjoyable company who will make one laugh when they fall makes all the difference in having a good time.

Go ice fishing: for all the individuals who live close to a pond or a lake, ice fishing is the perfect activity to engage in. It’s a great opportunity to bond with family or friends while they admire the scenery and wait for a catch to cook.

Enjoy the snow: spending the time outdoors with a couple of friends is a perfect way to spend the winter time. It’s always a fun time to build a snowman, create forts and start a snowball fight. There’s never a stage in life where one is too old to have fun in nature’s beauty.

Although there are many more activities one could do, some may just enjoy the winter time indoors, such as sophomore Rachael Filipek.

“I love opening my windows, watching the snow fall down and cuddling up with a movie,” Filipek said.

Doing winter activities, whether that may be inside or outside, may dismiss all the winter blues by having fun and bringing out the child-like version of oneself in the snow.