Calling All Fall Fanatics!

Autumn Essentials in makeup and clothing.


Autumn is the perfect time of the year to wear layers of clothing, and transition out of bright summer colors. There’s no need to hesitate on what to wear, in order to pull off a bold look. Here are some easy hacks to looking fashionable but still staying warm and cozy this season.

Dark lipsticks and eyeshadows: the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palate has the perfect fall eyeshadow colors to intensify your fall modern look as well as dark matte lipsticks!

Chunky, knitted, oversized sweaters are great pieces of clothing to be worn with jeans, leggings, and button down skirts. 

Plaid scarves have two positives, one being they keep you from freezing and the other that they are cute and can be worn with classic dresses or knitted sweaters.  

Wool hats: this piece of apparel is not only trendy for autumn, but it could make any casual outfit fancier. Black, brown maroon, or olive green colored wool hats are must-buys.

Booties: Hunter boots, combat boots, and UGGs are great to be paired up with knitted knee socks. These trendy boots could be worn on dates, dinners, or any other occasion.

“Hunter boots and leggings are my favorite fall necessities,” said sophomore Sierra Siedlecki.  

Army green jackets: having a go-to-jacket for the season is very important, considering that most days are going to be chilly. An army jacket could fit with any piece of clothing as well as any style. This jacket could be worn with a casual dress, tights, a pair of boots, jeans and a casual shirt.  

Thick, cozy, oversized cardigans: these could be worn with basic halter crop tops, basic tees, or any shirt of your choice.

Through all the trends each season could bring, always wear clothes that make you feel beautiful and unique!