Charles Manson Dead at 83

After years in prison, this killer’s life comes to an end.

On Sunday, November 19, the notorious “Manson Family” cult leader, Charles Manson, passed away in prison at 83.

Manson was famous for creating a cult that was known as the “Manson Family.” In the 1960s, he murdered numerous Hollywood figures including actress Sharon Tate. Manson’s motive for killing stars like Tate was to execute an act that would “shock the country.”

Over the course of the murder spree, the Manson Family imposed 169 stab wounds and seven gunshots. The family also wrote on a wall during one  event; the phrase read “Helter Skelter” in blood. Police claimed the message was written because Manson wanted to start a “race war” in order to turn the suspicion away from him.

Manson was subjected to serve nine life sentences and was denied parole 12 times.

As a child, Manson had a life like no other. He was born Charles Maddox to 16-year-old Kathleen Maddox. Manson’s father was not in the picture, and his mother was very troubled — noted as a heavy drinker and even was referred to as a prostitute. She disappeared for long periods of time to serve jail sentences, so Manson was forced to bounce between distant family members. This caused him to be a troubled child.

Sophomore Haydin Sorrentino believes Charles Manson will be remembered for the horrific acts he did.

“Charles Manson has [impacted] so many lives,” Sorrentino said. “His actions will always be remembered.”

The Manson family created a big wave in pop culture. They influenced many artists, including Marilyn Manson. They also influenced songs and books with the title “Helter Skelter.”

As of now, the rest of the Manson family is deceased or missing. However, the actions they carried out will never be forgotten.