Chicago Baseball Battles to the Playoffs

The Cubs and White Sox are on the verge of both clinching a playoff spot for the first time since 2008


Kyle Miller

The White Sox and Cubs long-standing rivarly may spark up in the coming weeks

With the Major League Baseball season slowly winding down, playoff spots are being secured. For the first time since 2008, the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox will be competing in the playoffs at the same time. The Cubs and Sox have played against each other a total of 125 times. The White Sox won 64 of the games and the Cubs won 61 of the games. 


Both teams are the only MLB teams to throw a no-hitter so far this year. This MLB season has been fairly interesting, with only a 60 game season. A shortened season meant more important games earlier in the season. MLB-deprived fans were eager to get back into the game.


“Fans had a really hard time imagining summer without Major League Baseball,” Antioch baseball coach Frank Fracek said. 


Along with the shortened season, there are more teams that have a chance to make the playoffs in the American and National Leagues this year. This has caused controversy, due to the larger number of teams allowed into the playoffs and supposed consequential lesser quality. 


“This is silly since it’s a shortened season,” senior Ethan Andrews said. “Why would they add more teams?” 


On the other hand, many fans have embraced the teams being added to the playoffs. 


“I love that MLB has added more teams,” Fracek said. “I find it interesting that they will add more teams in a shortened season.”


By the MLB allowing more teams into the postseason, they are making it more difficult for certain teams to dominate the competition. 


2020 has been an uncertain year for many people; with this comes uncertainty on who may win the World Series. Chicago is in a unique position because it is home to two baseball teams. There is a higher chance that this year’s World Series ring will be brought back home to the city of Chicago than any other city.