Cold Weather Shocks the Town

Heavy snow and critical weather has recently been dominating the Midwest.

It’s that time of year when the weather that defines the true midwest occurs. The cool autumn breeze is exchanged for harsh cold, snow and freezing wind. Over the years, the level of severity has varied, but this year it’s in full swing.

The snowy weather can bring upon many good things and also bad things. Many kids have taken advantage of snow days by going sledding, skiing and snowboarding. However, it seems as if factors of the snow are being overshadowed by the downsides.

The conditions outside have been forcing students and staff to stay home in order to increase the likelihood of safety. This will probably continue throughout the next few weeks with conditions pertaining to icy roads, overloads of snow and extremely cold wind and temperatures as they are all expected to come this way.

This occurrence has caused a mixture of reactions, especially from students.

Junior Riley Holtkamp finds it beneficial that students get these breaks randomly throughout the week.

“I enjoy having school canceled,” Holtkamp said. “It gives me a chance to relax and catch up on sleep and homework during the day so I can be ready for the next school day.”

From the looks of it, the  weather will not be warming up anytime soon, so winter jackets and snow boots are going to be a staple outfit choice this season for anyone who will be heading outside any time soon.