Computer Science is More Important Now Than Ever

Computer science has become more important recently because it has a large range of job opportunities that all deal with technology, which is shaping our future.


Olivia Gerhardt

Recently, many job opportunities have shown up involving computers or the knowledge of how they work. Computer science has found a new meaning and interest from the increase in technology usage. The importance of computer science has been found now that more people are interested in it.

 The world would not be where it is today without the invention of the computer. Computers have shaped the world and will continue to do so. During these times, computers have allowed for many people to continue their everyday lives virtually, whether it be high school and college classes continuing online or adult jobs. 


This would not have been possible without computer science. Computer science, by definition, is the study of the principles and use of computers. Computer science has key requirements; applicants need to have good analytical thinking, a sense of creativity, experience with coding and a strength in math. If someone fits those requirements, computer science could be the career path for them.


Computer science has a variety of job opportunities. It allows for people with different interests and strengths to still choose a job that suits them. According to computerscience, some of the top careers in computer science include computer programming, software-developing, video game developing and computer graphics. These careers vary from creating computer software and programs with coding, to graphically designing something.


Not only are there a multitude of options available, but these jobs are also in extremely high demand. According to uci, computer science is one of the fastest growing as well as highest paying career paths in the world. There are over 1.4 million computing jobs as of 2020. Despite this, there is a diminishing amount of students and teachers  interested in computer science. This is  due to the  little exposure students get of  computer science.


 Computer science is an important and popular career path that is becoming stunted in growth from its lack of recognition.  This  raises the question of whether it should be taught more commonly in high schools. Matthew Lawrence is a former student of Antioch Community High School and  is currently studying computer science. 


“I do not think it [computer science] should be a requirement in high school, but I would highly recommend anyone and everyone to take a basic computer science course,” Lawrence said. “Even the most basic of courses can give you very useful knowledge in most fields.”  


ACHS senior Tyler Hubbard also said that he was only vaguely aware that computer science existed. He also added that it should be taught more frequently.