Croc Craze

Last year, Crocs, a shoe that no one thought would revive, made a comeback of a lifetime.

Crocs were originally popular among children in the early 2000s. The rubber, boat-like shoe is great for running around. Because they are made of all rubber, they can be washed under a hose easily. They also have a strap on the back that keeps the shoe on while children run and play. While Crocs prove to be a great shoe for children, why has there been a huge increase of teenagers wearing them today?

Crocs are priced at $34.95, which is nowhere near comparable to the price of a rubber flip flop. Crocs, however, serve the exact same purpose as a cheap pair of flip flops do. Many teenagers today are still spending the big bucks on Crocs. In fact, many not only have one pair, but have multiple pairs. Freshman Natalie Svarc owns two pairs of crocs, a black pair and a white pair.

“I wear Crocs because they are the most comfortable shoes I own,” Svarc said. “They stand out and reflect my personality well.”

While crocs are comfortable, many people stray away from them because of how hard they are to style. Senior Gabriella Hartnett has some tips on styling Crocs.

“I suggest wearing them with fuzzy socks; it is super comfortable,” Hartnett said.

Crocs are a great shoe for lazy days- they go with anything from leggings to running shorts.