Food Trends From Easter 2017

This Easter, there were a number of different food trends, ranging from traditional dishes to unique new recipes.


AP Photo

In the past few years, Easter has been a holiday spent inside, hiding from the all-day rain storms or 40 degree weather. However, this year proved to be different with the sun shining and the temperatures reaching the upper 70s throughout the day on Sunday. Not many would argue that the weather can affect one’s mood, but oddly enough, the weather can also affect what is served for dinner.

Because the weather was so nice outside this year, many families decided to grill out instead of cooking their Easter ham and oven-baked dishes. Easter hams are normally cooked in the oven for hours, slowly being prepared. This year, popular meat options included filets and pig roasts, which are both abel to be grilled. This allowed for extra family time spent outside to enjoy the unusual Easter weather as the feast was being prepared.

Senior David Lonski’s family took a spin on normal steaks this year for Easter.

“My family ate steak tacos for Easter,” Lonski said. “It seemed weird at first, but they were really good.”

In addition to changes in the meats served at Easter, many unique Pinterest dessert recipes came to the surface this year. Instead of traditional Easter candy or pie, recipes involving Peeps candy and creative cakes were popular.

Featured on this year in an article about popular Easter foods was a Peeps skillet, which included a rainbow display of Peeps marshmallows. Peeps have been a popular candy to put in Easter baskets for years and this recipe put a fun twist on the favorite Easter sweet. The website additionally showed off a cake with an Easter bunny’s face on it.

“We ate lasagna this year,” Adam Bouker said. “I didn’t really know why we were switching it up from other years, but it was really tasty.”

Whether it be the weather’s influence or wanting to change the yearly routine, the trend this year for Easter food was staying clear of the traditional recipes.