Second City Steals the Show

This year for Writer’s Week, Second City returned to perform for their third year in a row.


During the first annual Writers Week, Second City was a huge hit amongst the student body. Due to the demand of the students, Antioch has been bringing back Second City every year.

Second City is a comedy organization stationed in Chicago, Toronto, and Hollywood. They specialize in doing improv, but also perform written skits.

During their performance this week, the performers took suggestions from the crowd on the characters they were going to play, along with the place and situation. Second City implemented singing into many of their performances as well. During fourth hour, it was requested that their performers rapped for the style of music, and although none of the performers specialize in rap, they still managed to follow a rhyming scheme.

After their performance, Second City talked about their writing process. They emphasized the importance of writing in improv and acting. Writing is extremely important to not only typical authors, but to many careers– what Writer’s Week focuses on teaching.