Cup O’ Joe Coffeehouse Opens in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin

A new local coffeehouse, Cup O’ Joe Coffeehouse, has just opened and is decorated with a special twist.

The brand new Cup O’ Joe Coffeehouse had its grand opening on February 20, 2020; however, it is not just any ordinary coffeehouse. The creators, Dena Prestininzi and Kim Hill, have decorated the coffeehouse entirely with memorabilia and objects relating to the hit television series, Friends. 

Originally from Escondido, California, Prestininzi and Hill moved to Twin Lakes, Wisconsin where Hill opened a spiritual store. In order to get to know people in the new town, the pair opened a coffee shop and connected it to Hill’s store. The pair thought it would be a good idea to decorate the coffee shop like a living room, which led them to decorate and furnish it based on Central Perk, the iconic coffeehouse from Friends. 

“Marcus Theaters contacted us about an auction they were holding to benefit Children’s Wisconsin, in which they were auctioning off one of THE Orange Couches from Warner Bros,” Presntinizi wrote on their website. “We asked them if we could do a fundraiser to see if we could raise enough money to buy it for the coffeehouse and WE DID IT!”

Along with the couch, the coffeehouse includes other pieces of memorabilia including photographs and an original script signed by the cast. The coffeehouse also plans to host trivia nights related to the show, as well as live music performances. 

Junior Erika Mehring visited the coffeehouse just a few days after its grand opening. 

“I thought the environment was adorable,” Mehring said. “It was exactly like the TV show, and everyone there seemed to be having an enjoyable experience. The coffee was really good, and the employees were all very happy.”

English teacher Kelly Taylor believes that the coffeehouse will be very popular among locals.

“Friends has had a nostalgic resurgence with generation Z and the millenials,” Taylor said. “After Friends was removed from Netflix and the reunion was announced, Friends had a lot of media buzz. Trends of the 90s and early 2000s are popular now, especially since we’ve entered 2020.”

Since nostalgia has become popular in today’s culture, it seems that Cup O’ Joe Coffeehouse will attract fans of the show as well as those who just simply want to enjoy a good cup of coffee.