Dunkin Redesigns Company

Multiple actions have been made in order to bring something new.

One of the most visited coffee places in Antioch, Dunkin’ Donuts, has enacted drastic changes and dropped the “Donuts” from their previous name to become just Dunkin’. 

The reason for the name change is to bring more emphasis to their coffee and other beverages in an attempt to give the company a fresh, new feel.

In order to bring a current appeal to the store, the company has simplified their menu, increased attention on mobile ordering, enhanced mobile friendliness and launched new items.

According to Dunkin’s newly named CEO, David Hoffmann, products and advertising will also be completely redesigned and will be debuted at the start of 2019.

According to a consumer article written by Adweek, Hoffman said that the new branding is one of many things Dunkin’ is rolling out as a part of their blueprint for growth in order to modernize the Dunkin’ experience for customers.

Bringing a more futuristic feel is the ultimate basis of Hoffman’s intentions on the store’s renovation. With modernization in mind, it provides a much easier and approachable experience to all Dunkin’ customers.

Dunkin’ is a staple coffee place in Antioch and is very near and dear to many Sequoits. In many ways, the new changes are beneficial for the company and especially to their customers.

“I think it is good that Dunkin’ is redesigning their company,” junior Lily Highley said. “It provides easier ways to order so customers can be in and out to be on time for where they need to go. It is also good because consumers are always looking for change and something new.”

The new changes are expected to provide an increase in sales for the company, given the technological advances and an effort to increase the creative aspect. With consumers constantly searching for new developments, the changes the store is bringing a fresh and start-from-scratch feel.