Easy and Affordable Halloween Costumes

Halloween is only a couple of weeks away; here are the top Halloween costumes that are easy, affordable and recognizable.


Halloween is just around the corner, so it’s time to start thinking of costume ideas. If nothing comes to mind, have no fear; thanks to movies and television there are thousands of options for the holiday. Here are the top five costumes that will not be costly or difficult to make.

  1. Harley Quinn

There’s no surprise here that Harley Quinn will be the most popular Halloween costume this year. Due to the release of “Suicide Squad,” Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn has brought an immense amount of attention to the DC comics character. To replicate the look exactly, Hot Topic sells her signature “Daddy’s Little Monster” T-shirt. Everything else can be done by hand. Completing the costume is simple. It will need fishnet stockings, boots, pigtails or a blonde wig, red and blue shorts, a choker necklace and most importantly, a wooden baseball bat. The makeup for the look is easy to recreate, because it only involves pale skin, red and blue smudged eyeshadow, red lipstick and a black heart under the left eye.

  1. “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Characters

Star Wars was another huge movie of the year. Since a Star Wars movie hadn’t been released since 2005, it created a lot of hype. The main characters Rey and Finn will also be a hit this Halloween. Luckily, this costume is even easier to recreate. Rey’s costume will need beige cropped pants, a sleeveless beige top, curtain or gauze for the drapes that go along the shoulders and criss crosses over the front, brown boots, ace bandages for the wrapping up her arms and a brown belt. The makeup is very simple, because she doesn’t wear any in the movie– it’s all up to preference. Her signature hair style, which is three buns down the back of her head, might be the most difficult part to recreate, but there are plenty of YouTube tutorials to help.

Finn’s costume is also very simple. All that is needed is a black T-shirt, shoes, pants and a distressed leather jacket. Last but not least, for both costumes, a lightsaber. These are incredibly easy to find at stores like Target or Wal-Mart.

  1. Cat

Dressing up as a cat for halloween is another popular costume, but there are ways to make it more original. The outfit is pretty simple, because anything black will work. The makeup is the most important aspect. For the makeup, black face paint is the only necessity. Use the black face paint to add a cat nose and whiskers to the face. There are YouTube tutorials for this simple and bold look. Of course, the costume would not be complete without a pair of cat ears, which can be bought at any Halloween store.

  1. A Deer

This trend was brought up in the beauty world on YouTube around the time of last Halloween, but hasn’t become a popular costume until now. Like the cat, the most important and interesting part is the makeup. To achieve this, other than regular makeup, white and black face paint will be needed. Since this trend started on YouTube, there are plenty of tutorials ranging from intense to more simple looks. The costume is simple: it can really be done with anything, since the makeup is mostly brown, black and white. Most commonly used is a white dress. The look would not be complete without antlers, which can be bought. Another easy, inexpensive route would be to grab sticks from the yard, shape them like antlers, and glue them to a headband.

  1. Comic Book Character

Last but not least is a comic book character. This look is also based on makeup, but it’s very simple. There are a number of resources for this look, like YouTube and Pinterest. Again, since this is a makeup-based Halloween costume, the clothing for it can be anything. It can be simple or extreme, but the main focus should be the makeup. For the makeup, any products will work. It can be done with regular beauty makeup or face paint. Tutorials are easy to follow, because the look is simple; the basis is to look like an old comic book character from the 50s and 60s.