Effects of Modern Technology

The advantages and disadvantages of smart phones and computers.


Technology is almost always debated. For example, the new iPhone 8 offers plenty of new and impressive features, but it’s priced at $699. The mass majority of iPhone users upgrade once a new generation is released, but may be rethinking that with rising prices. Modern technology has been a controversial topic due to people arguing that phones are ruining our generation.


This defensive side may argue that teenagers are becoming more needy and lazy. Having a smartphone or computer could trigger alarming effects like stalking, cyberbullying or talking to someone unknown on the internet also known as “stranger danger.”  


Sophomore, Helena Forgie believes there are both positives and negatives to modern technology.


“I feel like people have forgotten how to communicate without a device” Forgie said. “There is almost no need for a face to face interaction. The convenience that technology offers can also make people lazy, because normal tasks seem too difficult when you become accustomed to machines and devices to do everything for us.”


People who are in favor of current technology might make statements like, there’s an easier access to information. Education is more convenient and phones encourage more creativity and innovation. Social apps like “Snapchat” and “Instagram” allow people from all over the world to communicate with others, therefore this could be a positive for some who have family or friends far away.


Forgie shares her beliefs on the positives of technology.  


“Phones and computers have access to information of all kind at anyone’s fingertips,” Forgie said. “Technology equals convenience, E-pay, E-bill, E-park and so on are not only convenient, but better for the environment. A “paper less” [way] of living lets people stay connected and provide a sense of security.”


Some people will always be defensive whether or not technology is improving our lives for the better.