Facebook Live Shooter Found Dead in Pennsylvania

Just a day after Steve Stephens, otherwise known as the Facebook Live Shooter, posted a video of himself shooting and killing a man to Facebook, he is found dead in Erie, Pennsylvania.


Greg Wohlford/Erie Times-via AP

Police gather around the vehicle of the Facebook Killer, Steve Stephens. After posting a video of himself killing a man in Cleveland, Ohio, Stevens ran from police and eventually took his own life in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Steve Stephens used Facebook Live on Apr. 15 to broadcast the brutal killing of Robert Goodwin. A little over 48 hours later, Stephens was dead in Erie, Pennsylvania. The video remained on the site for over two hours after the shooting.

The police have said that the shooter, Steve Stephens, shot himself after the 48 hour long chase. Stephens was found dead in his vehicle by Erie police at around 12 p.m. eastern time on Tues., Apr. 18. The search was conducted throughout the states of Ohio and Pennsylvania and saw many communities rally to try and find Stevens.

“I think what he did was disgusting,” senior David Lonski said. “I watched the actual video and it made my skin crawl. I am very glad that he can no longer hurt anyone.”

Stevens, in a later video posted to Facebook, claimed that he had killed 13 more people. Cleveland police could not confirm any killings other than Goodwin.

Facebook was called into question as to why their servers and admins did not find out about the video for two whole hours.

“It is crazy that a massive social networking service with equally large security measures did not catch this,” junior Mitchell Kickert said. “The video was appalling, my condolences go out to the family, it was insulting to them that the video stays up for so long.”

Although the search is over for Stevens, the Goodwin family continues to mourn Robert’s loss alongside the US as a whole. Many have taken to services like Twitter to show support for the family.