An Open Letter to Seniors

Also known as “The Senior Year Slide,” senioritis is when graduating seniors begin to show lazy tendencies with the end in sight.

While senior year can be a long list of lasts, it also harbors a long list of bests. From the last first day of school to the final time one wears their school colors at graduation, senior year can be the best out of the “greatest years.” Our minds are so focused on the goal of finishing we often fall victim to the main creator of our demise: “senioritis.”

Google defines senioritis as, “a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.” This can be seen in most schools, and Antioch is no exception. Whether it be hanging out with friends in the ILC instead of working on one’s I-Search or skipping a small math assignment because “it won’t affect my grade,” senioritis can been seen in most students at some level.

The biggest problem with Senioritis is that it may take away the event which causes it: the looming date of graduation. There have been many students across the country who have repeated their senior year after not passing a required class. This can also affect college life for obvious reasons. Colleges can take away acceptance and scholarships just as easily as they can give them out.

Luckily, there are simple steps to beating the affliction and finishing the year strong.

Organization is key. Everyone knows the student who’s backpack consists of a mix of crumpled assignments and old sandwiches. The first step to finishing strong has to be making sure that everything is organized. Both colleges and the working world do not take excuses and expect things to be neat and orderly.

Punctuality can also be a killer. Late assignments can kill grades, and tardiness is a definite no-go. Schedule things days in advance to stay on top, this also creates good planning skills and work ethic for the real world.

The final piece of advice is to enjoy high school while it’s still here. As boring and monotonous as the back half of senior year can seem, it is possibly the last time that things will be this simple. In no time at all, students will have to worry about debts, taxes and providing for themselves. The last months of senior year should be spent wisely and efficiently.