Fast Food Breakfast

Fast food chains compete for top breakfast.

For many people on-the-go in the morning, fast food ends up being the only option for breakfast. However, as most are aware, the options are not always the healthiest.

Both McDonald’s and Burger King offer a sausage and egg sandwich. McDonald’s is on a McMuffin and Burger King’s is on a croissant. Surprisingly, McDonald’s breakfast sandwich beats out Burger King’s sandwich with 470 calories compared to 410.

Although Burger King may seem the better option, all choices should be evaluated. One order of hashbrowns at Burger King is 250 calories, compared to McDonald’s which is only 150.

Staying away from the greasy food, however, does not always solve the problem. The fruit and maple oatmeal at McDonald’s may seem like the healthiest option, but the calories say differently. One serving of their oatmeal is 300 calories alone. A small cup of oatmeal is almost ¼ of the daily suggested calorie intake for a seventeen year old.

A new option was recently added to the list of fast food breakfast options. Taco Bell recently came out with an entirely new breakfast menu. Taco Bell ranks the lowest in nutrition among its competitors. Although tasty, the most popular options are not in the least bit nutritious. One breakfast Crunch Wrap is 700 calories, almost double the amount of calories in a breakfast sandwich from McDonald’s or Burger King. However, a grilled breakfast burrito is only 350 calories.

It is evident that, if not made at home, breakfast from a fast food restaurant is not the most health rewarding option. A better alternative is to pack a granola bar, a yogurt, or a banana for on the go breakfast. The healthiest option might not always be the easiest, but it sure will pay off in the long run.