Senior Issue: Candace Nelson

She can pull off any style.


Senior Candace Nelson is unique to say the least.

“She is one of the most unique individuals I’ve ever met both physically and emotionally,” senior Jaylene Sparks said,  “She stands out from everyone else in both aspects and that is a huge part of her beauty inside and out.”

Since freshman year, her independent and mature nature was noticed immediately. She always exceeded the expectations of her parents, coaches and teachers with good grades and a positive attitude.

“Candace is one of the most beautiful, dark, twisted and unique people I know,” senior McKenzie Scott said. “People underestimate her. She is so wise and smart beyond her years, that makes her admirable. If she likes you then she is one of the most funny, loyal and easy going friends you will ever have. She is very easy to feel comfortable around and weird topics are not strange to talk about with her.”

Her style is different and fashion forward. Unlike most high schoolers, Nelson is not afraid in the least bit to be herself in every environment. Her confidence is admirable and her beauty is radiant. With or without makeup, she can pull off any style.

“She has her own style and lives for herself and you can tell by the way she presents herself,” Scott said. “Candace is underrated.”

“A lot of people look everywhere for approval to fit in, but in the end you should be looking to make yourself happy,” Nelson said. “You should seek your own approval and not be so fixated on the need for someone else to tell you something is okay. Ultimately, you are living your life for you, not them.”

Nelson started dancing in second grade at Waterford Dance Academy. It was no surprise that she picked up dancing quickly and was amazing at it in no time. She continued dancing for eight years until high school began when she found her new passion: volleyball.

For four years, Nelson played as Sequoit volleyball player and carried her team both as a starter and as captain her junior and senior years. Outside of ACHS, Candace played on four national club volleyball teams as an outside hitter for four years. Never once has she sat on the bench; even through multiple injuries, she found a way to fight through it.

Her competitive personality has led her to many great opportunities. She was named among the top athletes of the fall season for ACHS sports, awarded with the All-Conference athlete her junior and senior seasons and received the All-Area award. In club volleyball, she was named the All-Tournament athlete three years in a row. She has also attended the Junior Olympics twice and finished among the top teams.

Her talent is unbelievable, but she has never been anything less than humble.

“She was such a fun player to watch and even more fun to play with,” sophomore teammate Kat Barr said, “She is a very smart player and always knew where to put the ball. She can read the court very very well.”

Nelson is someone that every teammate, no matter what age, is able to look up to and better themselves just by watching her.

“She inspired me by being such a physically and mentally strong player no matter what situation,” Barr said.

Next year, Nelson plans on attending University of Minnesota—Twin Cities’s College of Food Agriculture and Natural Sciences to study sustainability and environmental studies.

“I am looking forward to getting a glimpse of independence and starting a new chapter in my life,” she said. “However, there is no doubt in my mind that I will miss the relationships with friends that I have built over the years that have shaped me into who I am today.”

As graduation approaches and college is starting to become a reality, the ending is bittersweet.

“See-ya,” she said.