Field Hockey Wins Second Game of the Season

The Sequoits played a close match up, but ultimately pulled through in the end against St. Ignatius.

The Antioch varsity field hockey team faced St. Ignatius on March 17. The game took place on the Sequoits home turf. The girls pushed through the rough weather conditions and came out winning 1-0. The girls improve their record to 2-0, and they hope to continue their winning streak throughout the rest of the season. 

When the game first began, junior Faith LaCerba scored the first goal within the first five minutes. As the game progressed, the rain and wind were getting worse and seeing the end was near. The Sequoits played hard to maintain their lead. 

To connect high school field hockey to collegiate level games are split into four 15 minute quarters and by the end of the first quarter, the Sequoits still had their 1-0 lead. 

“I think our game was pretty good. We were able to keep our winning streak going and get another win,” junior LaCerba said. “During the majority of the game, we were able to keep the ball on our offensive side, playing a possession game.”

In the second quarter of the game, the weather continued to pick up. At the beginning of the game, the coaches agreed to end at half if the rain continued to progress. Knowing that the game could possibly end early, the Sequoits knew they needed to maintain their lead until the second half. They were able to do just that, no goals were scored in the second quarter, and the Sequoits were still maintaining their 1-0 lead. 

“I feel like the game could have gone better, but it also could have gone worse,” sophomore Peyton Lyndon said. “Considering the conditions we played in, I feel like we pushed through and worked hard; we were all icicles after, but it was definitely a game to remember.”

After the second quarter was over, the coaches decided to play through the weather to play another quarter. Unfortunately, as the third quarter was about to begin, the rain and wind picked up even more and the officials decided to add five minutes and then after that, the game would be over. The Sequoits kept their lead and did not let any balls into the cage for the remainder of the game and came out on top with a win. 

“I am happy we won and played well considering the circumstances of the weather,” senior Sophia Semersky said. “I think for the next game, we need to work on communication and controlled passes. Overall, I am really proud of the team and this season has been really fun thus far.”

The girls are determined to keep their winning streak going. Their next game is home against Lake Forest Academy and they hope to improve their skills and continue to have a successful season.