Finding a Roommate On Facebook

Joining your future college Facebook page can help make friends and become familiar with the people you're spending the next four years with.


Senior Sara Jilly posts in her college Facebook page to find new friends and a potential roommate.

Finding the “perfect” roommate can be stressful for all seniors heading to college. It takes a lot of courage to post pictures of oneself on a Facebook page and have other people judge someone off of the way one looks, the people hangout with, and the way one edits their pictures. People often just scroll past the pictures if the post doesn’t satisfy what they are looking for. 

“I was nervous to post at first because I was afraid of what people were going to think of me,” senior Miranda Chamberlain said. “I still posted in the Facebook group anyway, I knew it was a good opportunity for me to get to know the people I am going to be going to school with.” 

Creating a Facebook post to the school that one is attending is to become familiar with the people that are going to the same school and maybe even help to find a potential roommate. One’s post should include where they live, what they’re interested in studying, what activities they’re planning on joining while on campus and what they enjoy doing in their daily life. It helps get an idea of what a day in life would look like being someones roommate. 

“I was looking for a roommate who is fun and will go out and have a good time but I also wanted a roommate who can just enjoy a night in,” senior Sara Jilly said. “A roommate is someone you’ll be living with 24/7 so I wanted to make sure to find someone that I could just sit in silence with and not have it feel awkward. I tried to find a roommate with similar interests as me.” 

One can get a good feeling when someone receives messages and follow request from people who look at the Facebook page, and finding people with similar interests.

“When people reached out to me I thought of it as a good thing,” senior Tate Baker said. “It showed me that people are interested in who I am and what I like to do.” 

Putting oneself out there can be scary and out of one’s comfort zone to do in the moment, but when thinking about it, everyone is adapting to the change together finding their new group of people.