Finding Time For Spirit

Small ways for students to get involved create a big impact.


S-E-Q-U-O-I-T-S! Sequoits! Sequoits! The best?

Stepping under those Friday night lights or into the bright colors and sounds of a school dance should be something that every student gets to experience in high school. The buzz of excitement spreads throughout the cardinal colored halls of the school, building up to the event that is awaiting everyone at the end of the week.  These are the moments that people within the walls of this high school live for, or at least the picture-perfect movie version of people would, right?

Sometimes the conversation is skewed in a different direction. Sometimes the lights are not bright enough to bring students out to the excitement of a Friday night football game, and sometimes the stress of finding that perfect outfit for a dance can be overwhelming.

“I don’t really know when games are happening and certain sports I just don’t find interesting,” junior Madalyn Carpenter said.

The reality is not everyone wants to step out of their comfort zone to find the events and activities that they might actually enjoy. Some students do not want to take the time to get dressed up in a crazy outfit and cover their faces in paint just to stand on bleachers for a couple hours and watch some guys throw a ball. However, this is where the line between the two types of students begins to stand out. There are some students that hold an optimistic view of these events by seeing the positive outcomes of attending them every once-in-a-while.

“I like to participate in school events because it gives me a chance to hang out with my friends and make new friends,” junior Zoe Johnson said.

The question now is, what are the little things that students can do to show school spirit? Even something as small as listening to the announcements or reading the daily emails can help students discover clubs that they might not know about, but could be really interested in.

“[Joining clubs] gives you a way to interact with students that you might not normally do so,” math teacher and student council adviser Jake House said.

Students will only get out what the put into each school year, so it is time to make this one the best it can be.