The Sequoit Wellness Challenge Comes to an End

The six week competition has come to a close at ACHS.


Alexandra Johnson

Sequoit Wellness Challenge promotional board created by the ILC staff.

As the 2019 Sequoit Wellness Challenge comes to an end it is time for the staff and students that participated in this event to look back and see the progress that was made during the challenge.

This challenge was created for staff and students to try and improve different aspects of their life—intellectual, emotional, social, physical and nutritional—by changing up their daily routine and help themselves make better lifestyle choices in the future.

“It pushed me to step out of my comfort zone both physically and mentally,” junior and Wellness Challenge participant Zoe Johnson said.

Participants could either join as a team of four or as an individual for this six week challenge. There were around 27 teams and 72 individuals that participated in this event. At the end of each week the teams submitted points based on activities they completed in exchange for raffle tickets that could be used to earn prizes. Along the way, there were also bonus point opportunities that each participant could receive by attending certain school events or undertaking activities to better their health.

“I got to try new and fun things with all of my friends,” junior and Wellness Challenge participant Madalyn Carpenter said.

This year, participants were taken on a field trip to both an American Ninja Warrior gym and Feed My Starving Children in Libertyville. All participants who submitted their points, even if it was only for three out of six weeks they were eligible to attend the trip.

ACHS plans to keep this challenge running each year to help students learn to live a happier and healthier life while still having some fun along the way.