Five Seconds of Money

An insight into how commercials impact individuals.

Commercials are a way for companies to sell investments and their franchise to customers all over the world, but has one ever stopped to think how much five seconds or so impact their decisions, thoughts and emotions?

Commercials range from all sorts of perspectives but the common ones often seen on television screens are humor, emotion and reasons to buy the product. These not only push the watcher to feel a certain way but they often are displayed to grab the viewer’s attention.

Unreasonable and strange inventions are portrayed on television each day, yet viewers feel the need to buy these items. The reasoning behind this may be that the companies want to fool their viewers into thinking they are spending less money for a better item, but, in reality, they are spending more money on something that possibly won’t work or will stop working in a few years.

Sophomore Zaina Hussain has her on views on how commercials impact the mindset.

“There are many commercials all around us in magazines, TV, radio, etc and they persuade people to buy their products,” Hussain said. “They impact the way we look at things and try to convince people to buy from them.”

Humor and emotion are other two big factors in commercials, they either make people feel connected to the story or want them to take action. A common commercial that is often seen is the Sarah McLachlan SPCA commercial which persuades the audience to adopt dogs and puppies from shelters; not only does the back ground music and pictures make the viewers feel heart broken but it gives an insight of why they should adopt.

Commercials do a perfect job of twisting people’s minds into buying products or donating to a certain organization. So next time when someone is watching TV they should be careful not to fall for all the misleading aspects commercials may bring.