“Footloose” Holds Auditions

Theatre, choir students anticipate spring musical.

It’s time for the students of Antioch Community High School to kick off their Sunday shoes and audition for the upcoming musical “Footloose”. The highly anticipated auditions begin Feb. 1, with audition material available with director Wanda Teddy and choir director Michael Hickey.

Junior Elizabeth Taylor said though she is worried about her audition, she is confident this year will be better.

“I am nervous for auditions, but not as nervous as I was freshman or even sophomore year,” she said. Taylor has been involved in the drama department since her freshman year and said she is excited for the musical.

Taylor also said people often don’t see is how much work, dedication and friendship goes into the production.

“The cast really makes the musical, fun and memorable,” she said.

Students wishing to audition will learn material on Feb. 1 and audition with singing and dancing on either Feb. 2 or Feb. 3. Auditions will take place in the auditorium.