Forging a New World in Civilization Club

A club based around a popular video game finds a home at Antioch Community High School.


Jake Ilkka

Civilization Club members attempt to help new players quickly learn the game and get into the action. “We try to get them playing as soon as possible,” Henneman said. “Sometimes we have them watch YouTube videos to get them learning and trying new things.”

Civilization club is an organization where students learn about the trials and tribulations of creating a nation in the game series “Sid Meier’s Civilization.” Civilization is a historical turn-based strategy game in which players compete to conquer other nations. People like junior Ryan Henneman enjoy the club as they can play any edition of the series they enjoy and download modifications to enhance their experience.

“I enjoy getting to sit and play with my friends for a couple of hours,“ Henneman said. “The end of the year pizza party is one of my favorite things in the club.”

Civilization club also helps new players learn the game and get into group servers as soon as possible. The club, sponsored by social studies teacher Stephen Rose, meets every Friday in room 206 and is always looking for new members.