Four Helpful Websites for Busy Students

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A few websites that can make daily life for a student a little easier.

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Four Helpful Websites for Busy Students

With technology taking over schools across the nation it is time to start looking for resources that will help students in their day to day life. Here are a few websites that can make all the difference in the world to a busy student in need of some help.

This website is exactly what is sounds like. It is a website full of life hacks about a plethora of topics from money ot technology. It gives students a little extra help on some of their everyday struggles and can also give some good ideas for the future.

This website is a nice way for students to go to bed at exactly the right time. Not everyone can get the required amount of sleep suggested for teens at night, but they can still wake up refreshed. This website calculates when a student should go to sleep to make sure that they wake up in between sleep cycles instead of during them, which will make waking up easier on those early mornings.

Create a free instapaper account and a student can save any interesting article they come across all in one place. From educational articles to recipes to song lyrics any student can save any piece of text that they come across.

It is hard to remember every single formula that is learned throughout high school. takes all of those formulas and keeps them all in one place so that students can look back whenever they need a refresher for an upcoming test or even just a homework assignment.


Sometimes, students need the extra help. These handy websites are just the way to get it.

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