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January 24, 2022

Freshman Delaney Emering has shone in this year’s high school dance season. Even though this is Emering’s first year on the high school dance team, she has proven to herself, her teammates and her coaches that she deserves to be in the spotlight.

As a first-year high school dancer, Emering has shown that she is capable of being a leader. Emering is in both high school and competitive dance, and both teams are very different. 

“I feel more pressure on the high school dance team because you are representing your school,” Emering said. “The style of dance is different in high school because the style in competition season has a different vibe.”

Emering dances competitively at Elevate Dance studio, which is located in her hometown of Antioch, Ill. Emering has danced at Elevate for numerous years and loves dancing there.

“I chose Elevate Dance studio because originally, I had a friend that went to the studio when I first moved [to Antioch],” Emerging said. “I stuck to the studio because I love everyone there and all the teachers.”

Dancing for both a high school and competitive team consumes lots of Emering’s time, but she still makes time to hang out with her friends and participate in other activities.

“In Emering’s free time, she hangs out with her friends, and during the summer, she is usually water skiing,” freshman Enza Nawrocki said.

Even though Emering is busy, she still maintains friendships while she and her friends both play winter sports.

“I think what makes her a good friend is that she is good at enlightening the mood with her humor, and she is good at making things fun,” Nawrocki said.

Emering enjoys water skiing in her free time during the summer when she is not dancing with her older brother, junior Ryan Emering. Another person she enjoys spending time with is her good friend, freshman Madisen Schine; she has been friends with Schine for a long time, and Schine is very lucky to have her as a close friend.

“[Emering] is not a negative person at all, unless she is messing around; she can make anything fun,” Schine said.

Balancing a time-consuming sport and a social life can be very difficult, but since Emering has Fridays and Sundays off, she is able to hang out with her friends and family and is able to enjoy some of her other interests.

A challenge Emering faces as a varsity student-athlete is being able to get enough sleep and get homework done. Emering has had some long nights doing homework, but having a study hall helps her get most of her work done.

Being that she is only a freshman on the school dance team, Emering has many older teammates that she looks up to, one being senior and captain Daylia Brock.

“Daylia inspires me [the most] because she is a good captain and a good dancer,” Emering said. “I [also] think she is a really good role model for me and the team.”

Not only does Emering have a teammate that she looks up to and inspires her to dance her heart out, but her mom is also a huge inspiration to her because of how hardworking she is.

“My mom inspires me because she always has a good attitude towards [negative outcomes], and she makes the best out of every situation,” Emerging said.

Even though Emering has chosen to continue to dance competitively and in high school, she has played and tried out many other sports. Even if Emering did not dance, she would still be playing another winter sport at ACHS.

“If I did not dance, I would be playing volleyball and basketball because I have past experiences with those sports,” Emering said. 

Although Emering is only a freshman, dancing has been in her life for quite some time. Participating in dance for 11 years, she has the experience that coaches want for dancers, but also for someone who could lead the team. Something most people want out of a leader is a positive attitude, and that is exactly what Emering brings to the table.

“I can make the best out of most situations; I have a very positive attitude when it comes to harder things, including workouts,” Emering said.

Her positive and hard-working attitude has paid off, as Emering has immense talent; her elegant dance style and exaggerated facial expressions make every eye want to watch her at a competition. Everyone has good and bad days, but they do not always have someone to talk to. Emering is surrounded by people who care for her and want to help her when she is having a bad day. 

“My go-to person to talk to inside practice is Brooke Devience because we have similar personalities, and I can always count on her to brighten my mood,” Emering said.

Not only does Emering have a person to talk to inside of practice, but she also has friends and family she can talk to outside of practice.

“[My friends] outside [of dance] would be Enza and Madi because I have known them for so long and I can always count on them to make me laugh,” Emering said.

Despite being only at the beginning of her high school career, Emering has the hopes and dreams of taking her skills to the next level and dancing for a college in the future. 

“I do see myself dancing in college, but I have no idea where; depending on where I go to college [would decide] if I would want to dance for the school,” Emering said. 

As Emering’s freshman dance season comes to a conclusion, she says she will continue to dance for the rest of her high school career because of the environment and people around her.

“I think it is a great environment; it fits me well as a sport, and I love the people,” Emering said.

With a bright future ahead, a great group of people around her, enjoyable opportunities and the years she still has left, Delaney Emering has a promising career as an Antioch Community High School dancer. 

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