Get to Know: Color Guard

The ACHS Color Guard is a team that combines dance and flag spinning to put on a show at football games and competitions.


The Color Guard performed at the first pep rally of the year for ACHS. The theme was ‘1930s Chicago’. The team used many props, such as sabres and fake guns.

The Color Guard of Antioch Community High School is often overlooked, but they are an essential part of football games and events.

“We work really hard to come together and make a show happen,” sophomore Cheyenne Shefka said.

The Color Guard involves dancing, acting and flag spinning tricks. To prepare for performances, the members and the coaches put together choreography and they practice multiple times a week after school in the gyms. Despite all of the work that Color Guard puts in, Shefka claims that practicing and improving is not the worst part of Color Guard; rather, it’s the stigma others have against the group.

“The hardest thing about color guard is the stereotypical thing that we have on us, that we don’t do anything,” Shefka said.

Despite others opinions, the team continues to improve and perform and has many goals for the future.