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Get To Know: Diversity Club

Students at school get together to minimize the hate in the halls of Antioch Community High School.
Alexis Barbosa
Giana Webster lives her life hoping never to judge anyone for their differences. This is a big reason for her joining Diversity Club, a place where being unique is praised.

Diversity at a high school is a standard expectation, but is not necessarily always prevalent. Diversity Club is a part of Antioch Community High School that raises the standard of being diverse. 

This club had Carolyn Grieco as their sponsor last year, but no longer due to personal reasons. Students join the club to plan diversity week and to create projects that will inspire students to be themselves.

“I’ve always been interested in trying to keep things equal and fair among race, sex [and] everything,” Diversity Club member Gina Webster said. 

They have a number of members who try their best to make their big ideas come to life. Webster believes that teenagers are in a stage of life that prevents them from having the desire to create change. Diversity Club combats that idea completely.

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“People don’t want to try and they feel like we’re very active, and we are,” Webster said. “In certain ways, [students are scared of being diverse, but we] just try to be nice to everybody.”

Diversity Club is constantly trying to help kids be more diverse.

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Beatriz Warnes
Beatriz Warnes, Online Lifestyles Managing Director
Beatriz Warnes is a senior, and has been on the Tom Tom for four years. She writes anything from poems to politics, and has been on Antioch’s speech team for one year before qualifying for the national competition.
Alexis Barbosa
Alexis Barbosa, Lifestyles Writing Editor
Alexis Barbosa is a senior and has been on staff for four years. Barbosa is a competitive dancer at Shine Bright Dance Studio and also dances for the ACHS varsity dance team. In her free time, she watches "Peaky Blinders", finds a new celebrity crush every week and almost always has music playing in her headphones.
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