Girls’ Basketball Shoes

The girl's basketball team has matching basketball shoes with an unique twist.

Girls' Basketball Shoes

Dicks Sporting Goods

With the girl’s basketball team off to a dominating start, they are receiving a lot of attention from many fans and other competitors. One thing the spectators may have specifically noticed, is the girls matching shoes.

“Our team really likes the shoes this season. We like how they make us all look unified on the court as a team,” junior Olivia Ori said. “I personally like how we chose something different than just our school colors.”

The girls’ shoes really separate them from the rest of the teams. A majority of the team matches head to toe, to look as one great team. With the rainbow bottoms, it does not follow the school colors; adding to its own unique style.

“Our captains are responsible for picking what shoes we get,” Ori said. “But, they make sure we all agree on the shoe before we get them.”

Instead of just one person choosing a specific shoe and everyone having to deal with it, they work together and all decided on which shoe everyone likes and which shoe they believe looks the best.

Come support the girls at next their game on Tuesday, December 6, 7pm at Grayslake Central.