Halo Top Ice Cream Worth the Buy?

A healthy ice cream that really does taste like real ice cream.

Halo Top ice cream is an all-natural ice cream that is completely vegetarian and full of protein. It comes in many different unique flavors such as oatmeal cookie, mochi green tea, pancakes and waffles, chocolate covered banana and candy bar.

“Halo Top ice cream is probably one of the best ice cream I’ve had, so creamy [and] so smooth,” senior Robert Londono said .

It’s sold at almost every commercial grocery store; for under five dollars anyone can get a full pint of ice cream in any flavor they want and won’t feel guilt about eating half the tub by the end of the day.

After opening the ice cream pint there is get a tin foil seal that has funny sayings like “don’t stop until you hit the bottom” and “keep on diggin’”. Halo Top also has an option on their website that allows someone to request a flavor if nothing appeals to them.

“I think Halo Top ice cream is a good alternative for those who are either trying to watch their figure or want the ice cream taste without the ice cream calories,” senior Julius Catalan said.

In a side-by-side comparison with Ben and Jerry’s vanilla ice cream and Halo Top’s vanilla bean ice cream, Halo Top’s was just 60 calories and Ben and Jerry’s was a whopping 250 calories. Ben and Jerry’s had almost four times the amount of carbs than Halo Top as well.

It is pretty clear to see what people should be grabbing for the next time they’re craving a sweet treat! Halo Top can be found in all of Antioch’s local grocery stores and supermarkets.