Heart of Gold

The grass is always greener on the other side.

The screen reads “BREAKING NEWS” in all caps — another shooting has occurred somewhere in America. These words across the screen are read like it’s showing the weekly forecast. It’s a frequent occurrence that doesn’t surprise anyone anymore. That reminder of the world that is currently crumbling is once again brought into everyday life. It seems as if there is nothing positive on the news anymore because the bad is starting to overpower the good.

All across the world. news stations broadcast shootings, hurricanes, massacres, terrorist attacks, bomb threats and so much more every single day. The world seems to be so focused on the bad, and it appears to be draining all of the hope that is left. Granted it is extremely difficult to put the blame on a single group of people, there are not many options in attempting to stop the tragedies. Since there are so many catastrophes that happen daily, it seems like it is hard to find time in the regular schedule to broadcast acts of benevolence. The only way to stop the bad is to out-weigh it with the good.

There is so much more in the world that citizens should be proud of, like people rescuing others, inspiring stories, positive advocates and more. Some people are trying their absolute hardest to improve the messages around world and encourage positivity on others. A lot of the time, individual’s good acts go unnoticed because there are so many bad acts that outweigh them.

With that being said, some people’s careers are dedicated to bettering the wellness of other people. People like motivational speakers go through certain experiences, tell their story and promote the good aspects along with how the listener can stay positive. For example, women’s advocate Malala Yousafzai used her story to spread a message. Five years ago, she was shot by Taliban members for speaking out on her beliefs. She survived, received a Nobel Peace Prize and carried on her story for the whole world to hear.

Every night on World News, reporter David Muir reports a segment called “America Strong.” In the segment, he covers events where citizens are shown doing acts of kindness or service. Some segments include “Homecoming Hero Gives Homecoming Crown to Friend with Cerebral Palsy,” or “Elementary Teacher Donates Kidney to Student.” This gives the right people the publicity that they deserve.

To add on to that, a magazine called “Positive News” is dedicated to only positive and uplifting occurrences in the world. According to Positive News, their mission statement is, “Good journalism about good things: Positive News is the constructive journalism magazine. Online and in print we offer quality, independent reporting on progress and possibility. As a magazine and a movement, we are changing the news for good.” This movement is taking a big leap towards bettering the outloook and impact of the world around us.

Magazines and any powerful media sources are great ways to attempt to bring positive attention to as many matters as possible. With all the publicity some platforms receive, some don’t use them with positive goals in mind.

This is the type of news that is on the television every single day. Whether they are big in the world, or small in the community, these acts make a big impact. But a question asked by many is, why are these the only stories making the news?

It is no surprise that war and terrorism stories have flooded our news sources. However, those aren’t the only events that occur in the world. Those good stories just seem to not make the cut on major news outlets. However, news sources seem to know what their readers and watchers are looking for. They are constantly analyzing their ratings and statistics on the types of stories and what is getting the most feedback. Sophomore Rachel Ustich believes the tone of the news varies on the watchers mindset and any newsworthy event that occurs is ultimately what is put on the news.

“I feel like it can be a mixture, but [the type of news] also depends on your personal beliefs,” Ustich said. “I believe we should just know and understand why these certain things are going on in the world.”

The stories that end up on the news are moreso to attract their viewers. Reporters focus on the juiciest stories that average communities don’t see, and those are the stories that make the cut.

For example, say someone lives in a neighborhood of about 500 people. If a journalist is reporting about the events in that neighborhood, there wouldn’t be anything too interesting. The possibility of something interesting or newsworthy happening is very slim. That’s why people turn to their news stations to catch up on news.

The United States and the world in general is full of different “neighborhoods.” The chance of something happening in a small neighborhood versus an entire country is very different. People go to the tv to see action happening in our world, like in major cities, to steer away from the monotony that occurs in their everyday community.

Regarding citizens attracted to the negative side of the news mood spectrum, an article from Psychology Today states, “from evolutionary and neuroscientific and probability perspectives, we are hardwired to look for the dramatic and negative, and when we find it, we share it.”

All in all, people are just starving for the stories that make a difference, or just a spring in their day.

Even though influential and important news stories that are positive don’t always make the news, that doesn’t mean these special acts of kindness should stop. Realizing that the acts being done are making a difference, and improving the state of the community is a big step. Not everything that is done has to benefit the person doing the act.

With that being said, the world is a much better place once all of the negativity is pushed to the back. The good will rise up against and demolish the bad once people put in the effort to make the world a better place one step at a time. Be the change in the world and paint a golden heart inside you and help build a positive environment.