Sequoits Show Responsibility to Antioch Community

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Sequoits Show Responsibility to Antioch Community

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As a student living in a larger community, there is an expectation to do a part in making it an even better place. It is very important to get involved with the community of Antioch for multiple reasons. To start, community service looks great on college and job applications. Also, Antioch Community High School students get National Honors Society hours for completing service activities. Most importantly, students are helping the community.  


The Boy Scouts

For boys, one way to get involved is to join or assist with the local Boy Scouts troop. Boy Scouts do a lot of volunteer work, along with many other fun activities. 

Senior Wesley Skym has been doing his part in helping our community for five years. His Boy Scout troop helps out at events, such as the Rotary Club Pork Chop dinner, Lions Club BBQ, restoration projects with forest preserves and parks, Wood Duck Restoration in Chain of Lakes, and many more. Not only does he help out in Antioch, but also in the Chain of Lakes and Lake Villa.

Skym said, “I enjoy giving back to the community and helping out when possible.”


Open Arms Mission

Freshman Ryan Chellberg often helps out at Opens Arm Mission.

Chellberg’s favorite part of community service is “the thought of making a difference in my community and nation.”

The Open Arms Mission in Antioch is the community food pantry and outreach serving residents in the Antioch and Lake Villa Townships. Anyone is open to volunteer, and anyone who can express the need for their service is eligible. Community service can help to open your eyes to what other people are going through. It is very important not to judge families situations. Some of their activities and programs include Weekend Backpacks of food for students with lack of  food, delivery for Seniors, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas Meal Boxes and Adopt-A-Family for Christmas gifts.

Sophomore Jasmine DeLara does her part by helping out at Open Arms Mission and the Senior Center.

DeLara said, “The food pantry is just a fun way to give back and help the community, and you can bring your friends. The Senior Center is just filled with things that can be donefrom helping with bingo, to serving food, to just socializing with the seniors. It is always a blast when I go.”

If you would like to volunteer, call 847-395-0309 or email [email protected]

ACHS’s Environmental Club

There are also ways to get involved in the community through ACHS.

The environmental club here at ACHS helps out our community in many ways. Members collect recycling from local businesses around town and inside the school, and they are in charge of the Earth Day Fair. They collect and recycle used ink cartridges, aluminum cans, batteries, and shoes. 

Junior Jacob Regan, secretary for Environmental Club, said, “Helping the environment is important and also a great way to get involved in the community.”

Not only does Environmental Club help better our community, they participate in many other fun activities such as camping, going to the zoo, and other field trips. They meet in Stephen Rose’s room every Thursday after school, and are always welcome to new members!

Northbridge Church

On Sundays at ACHS, Northbridge Church has service at 9 a.m. in the auditorium. Each year, Northbridge Church takes part in an organization called Share Fest. Junior Natalie Olson is one of many who participates in this organization.

Olson said, “I go around to all neighborhoods in Antioch and pass out paper bags to each house with a paper stapled to it, saying where collecting donations for our local Open Arms Mission. All you need to do is fill the bag with canned or boxed food that you can donate and then we come pick it up on October 5th and deliver it to the Mission.”

Some other activities done during Share Fest are Senior Assist, Fire Hydrant Painting and Teen Mother Choices Sippy Cup Project.

To learn more about or get involved with Share Fest, go to:

Bridging Community and the Classroom

In Amy Skonberg-Reznicek’s class, Antioch Clerk Lori K. Folbrick and Antioch Administrator Jim Keim came in to ask the class what they would like to change about Antioch. They had the students write down their ideas on a sticky note and then discussed the ideas. Most students came up with the idea of improving the movie theater and creating more paths like the one by the band shell. This opportunity was meant to produce more civilly engaged students and to have them realize how important their ideas are to helping improve the community.

Students in Skonberg's class placing their improvement ideas on the board for a discussion.

Students in Skonberg’s class placing their improvement ideas on the board for a discussion.

Getting involved in the Antioch Community is very important. It shows that Antioch is a strong community that has great, caring residents. These people are working to make Antioch a better place for everybody who lives here. Volunteering is an easy thing to do and there are plenty of opportunities for community members to go out there and make a difference. 


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