Honoring Krabbe’s Excellence

Stacy Krabbe won an award to honor her contribution at Antioch Community High School.


Izana Nordhaus

Krabbe received this letter when she first found out she won the award. She had to keep the award a secret for two weeks until the press release, but was very excited for her accomplishment.

Physics and Earth Science teacher at Antioch Community High School Stacy Krabbe, won the 2020​ Outstanding Early Career Educator award from the Illinois State Board of Education. The award is given to a staff member who has taught for five years or less at one of Illinois’ public or nonpublic schools, and has contributed greatly to their student body. Krabbe was nominated for the award by Gregory Bays, the science department chair. Bays believes she works extremely hard.

“[Krabbe] spends lots of time outside of school working to get things prepared for students,” Bays said. “She’s always looking to improve herself.”

Krabbe found out she won the award on August 28, after she received a phone call and letter congratulating her. Krabbe has been recognized for her achievement on the ACHS website and on a sign outside of the school. Krabbe will also be recognized at the annual Those Who Excel banquet on October 19. 

“The amount of support from the school and how proud the school is makes me so happy,” Krabbe said.

Krabbe believes that her creative teaching lessons helped her earn the nomination. Instead of doing lectures, she prefers to have her students do hands on activities and projects with the topics they are learning about. 

“I really like those activities, because so many of them, especially in Earth Science and Physics, can relate to [the] real world,” Krabbe said.

The award makes Krabbe feel like she is heading in the right direction and she is in the career she is meant to be in.

“It’s such a motivation,” Krabbe said. “It’s showing me that I’m doing something right.”

Krabbe is excited to win the 2020 Outstanding Early Educator award and is thankful for the support she has received. This award inspires her to continue producing creative teaching lessons for her students.