How To Choose the Right Running Shoe

The quick guide to choosing between Nike and Asics

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How To Choose the Right Running Shoe

One of the biggest struggles of someone starting to run is choosing the correct running shoe. Buying shoes is a huge commitment, especially because most running shoes today are more than $100. The two most popular brands of running shoes are Nike and Asics. Each having pros and cons that make the brand of shoes their own.


Nike is universally one of the most popular brands for exercise shoes. Many people like Nikes for their flexibility and lightweight build. For runners who have strong legs and are not injury prone, Nikes are the best shoe. Cross country runners Alexis Lind and Samantha Wanke have different opinions on Nike.

“I would suggest Nikes for runners who need minimal support in their shoes,” Lind said.

On the other side, Wanke admits Nike shoes give her shin splints because of the lack of support. For activities such as cross training, however, Nike can be a great fit.


Asics have a much different feel than Nikes. Asics are known for having a wider variety of styles, some with minimal support and some with complete support. This makes it easier to find the perfect running shoe, as there are so many different styles.

Noor Abdellatif, another cross country runner, swears by Asics running shoes.

“Asics have more support for your feet, but Nike shoes are too flat,” Abdellatif said.

For people who are more serious about running, trying out Asics is a good idea. One downfall of Asics is the price, as most of their shoes are upwards of $100. Although they are pricier than Nikes, finding the balance between not enough support and too much support is not hard.