How To: Pumpkin Cheesecake Swirl Muffins

As their are many ways to enjoy fall and all it has to offer, baking is one of the many ways to do so.


Reagan Brewer

Pumpkin season is arriving and pumpkin cheesecake muffins are one way to celebrate that.

Fall is often associated with pumpkin flavoring; many treats can be made with a good pumpkin taste. Pumpkin and cheesecake swirl muffins are one of the many festive treats that can be made. 

The ingredients used in this recipe consists of: three-fourths cup of pumpkin puree, two eggs, one cup white sugar, one-half cup of vegetable oil, one and a half cups of all-purpose flour, one teaspoon of baking soda, one-half teaspoon of sea salt, two teaspoons of ground cinnamon, one-fourth teaspoons of ground cloves, one teaspoon of ground ginger for muffin batter. Eight ounces of full-fat room temperature cream cheese, one-half egg and one-third cup of white sugar for the cheesecake batter. 

To start preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, line a 12 cup muffin tin with paper liners. In a large bowl whisk together the pumpkin, two eggs, sugar and vegetable oil until well combined. After combined, add in the flour, baking soda, salt, cinnamon, cloves and ginger mix together with a rubber spatula until no streaks of flour remain. Once completed set the batter aside. In a separate bowl combine the cream cheese, one-half of an egg and sugar with a wire whisk and mix until mixture is creamy and smooth. 

Scoop out the pumpkin mixture into the muffin tray, filling each one about ⅔ of the way full. Then add about one tablespoon of the cheesecake mixture to the top of each and use a toothpick to swirl the cheesecake mixture into the pumpkin batter. Then, place the muffins into the oven and bake for 18-20 minutes. Place a toothpick into the muffins and if nothing sticks, they are done. Allow muffins to cool for about ten minutes before enjoying. 

These muffins are a good fall treat packed with delicious pumpkin spice flavors and a hint of cheesecake.