Ice Castles Come to Lake Geneva

This winter, Lake Geneva has brought a new tourist attraction to the community.

Ice Castles is a pop-up tourist attraction on the lakefront in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. The attraction opened a few days later than expected this year due to the fluctuating winter weather.

The castles are made completely out of icicles that form on site with the aid of running water spouts which allow them to freeze. Artisans then handcraft the castles out of the icicles. Inside the castles, there are slides, mazes and gathering areas with fire pits among other amenities.

“I really liked how the ice was all lit up with different colors,” senior Samantha Gaydovchik said. “It made it look like the ice was glowing.”

There are many photo opportunities both inside and outside of the ice castles. Groups of families and friends often go to visit and enjoy the scenery. The ice blocks are filled with color changing LED lights, so the most popular visit time is right before sunset, as one then gets an opportunity to see them both in natural daylight and all lit up in the dark

It is not as cold inside the castle as it is on the outside as the ice walls block the wind, plus with the many fire pits inside you can cozy up for a bit before exploring some more. The castles will remain open until the second week of March.