Jaguar Fights Extinction

Conservation group records only known American jaguar.

Jaguar Fights Extinction

Associated Press

A video released on Feb. 2 shows the existence of the only known jaguar in America. It depicted a jaguar named El Jefe roaming around Tucson, Arizona. 150 years ago, jaguars were known to live in Southwestern America, but are now endangered. This is a big deal for Conservation CATalyst, a group that works to protect all species of wild cats.

“Studying these elusive cats anywhere is extremely difficult,” said Chris Bugbee, a biologist for Conservation CATalyst. “We spent three years tracking in rugged mountains, collecting data and refining camera sites.”

Bugbee hopes that their efforts won’t go to waste. The goal of the research is to slowly induce other jaguars back into the United States from Mexico.

While this may be good news to biologists, conservationists and even cat lovers everywhere, it is bad news for the state of Arizona. The economy of Arizona revolves heavily on mining, and a Canadian company is suggesting the infiltration of El Jefe’s habitat to do just that.

With the hope of conserving the habitat of the only known jaguar in America, many people are opposing the copper mine. The city of Tucson has to make the decision between preventing the extinction of jaguars in the U.S. and boosting its economy.