Let Us Play

Many of the athletes at ACHS participated in a video asking to let them play sports once again.

As some may know, there has been very minimal sporting events and practices for Antioch Community High School. Because of this, many parents of athletes and athletes themselves have come together to create a video and have signed petitions to inform the Governor that they want to play.


“I did a petition that was sent out across the state and we had 4,200 players and parents from all over the state sign it,” football mom Sue Day said. “These were all from 142 different school districts.”


In the video, the message that each of the athletes said in it was ‘let us play.’ This video got a lot of attention on Twitter, and many athletes participated in it.


“I participated because I feel like every little thing can help out,” senior lacrosse player Ryan Komers said. “Not getting a season this year has been really upsetting because I miss playing and being with my teammates.”


Many of the senior athletes are moving onto college next year and continuing with their sport. One last season would have kept them going and had them prepared for their future in college. Although these athletes do not get to practice with the school, they are finding ways to keep up with their skills.


“I want all sports to be able to have a chance to play their season,” senior cheerleader Kaitlyn Bargamian said. “Even though I did not get a season, I am still working on my skills for future college tryouts.”


Since the video’s release, the Illinois High School Association announced that a delayed winter season will resume beginning of February and spring and summer seasons will begin in the upcoming months.