Locked Up Fame

Famous Quarterback Johnny Manziel was indicted for domestic violence.

On Tuesday April 26th, Former Cleveland Browns quarter back Johnny Manziel was indicted by a grand jury on a misdemeanor charge from a domestic violence complaint by his ex-girlfriends

Manziel was the 2012 Heisman winner and Texas A&M star. He was accused by his ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley of hitting her and threatening to kill her. Crowley said that the incident happened on the night of Jan. 30th. In court documents Crowley said the young star hit her so hard that she temporarily lost lost hearing in one ear.

“I’m upset because Johnny was my favorite college player so I had high hopes for him in the NFL but with this his career might be put on hold,” said Manziel fan Matt Adams.

Manziel faces a charge of misdemeanor assault related to family violence, if found guilty, he will face at least a year in prison and a $4,000 fine. Johny Manziel’s attorney stated that Manziel will plead not guilty.

“I think he is guilty because there is a lot of evidence against him, I think he will just end up getting fined and suspended from the NFL and not be able to play for awhile,” said Adams.

The college all star is on a downward spiral. First Manziel was dropped by his agent on Feb. 5. Then Manziel was released by the Browns. Now Manziel has a warrant for his arrest in the state of Texas.

“I still believe in my boy and think he will eventually be able to get back into the NFL and show why he won the Heisman but hopefully he learns from his incident and changes his ways so he will actually be able to play,” said Adams.

There is no current news on if Johnny Manziel will play or not in the NFL, but fans still have high hopes for his future.