Sequoits Go Down Swinging

Softball fight through a touch loss.


The Sequoit softball team suffered a tough loss against the Lakes Community High School Eagles last night. The final score of the game was 14- 7 in favor of the Eagles.

The girls fought hard throughout the game but could not recover from eagles quick five run lead.

“We were too involved in our heads, we can play a lot better than that,”senior Carlie Gaylord said. “It is what it is, and we will use the Lakes game as motivation for the rest of our season.”

Since Antioch and Lakes are big school rivals, a normal game can bring upon the pressure of a championship. The girls believe the loss was due to a lack of their mental game which lead to a physical defeat.

“I feel like whenever we play lakes we get too much in our heads and let that mess up our game,” senior Jillian Foote said. “Our hitting is there but we just have to be mentally tougher for next time.”

Foote had a grandslam home run which allowed the Sequoits to score their first point of the game. Altough the girls were creating base hits, they could not seem to find their way to home plate quick enough. The girls plan to move on and continue giving their all for the sport they love.