Look Out For These 6 Fall Fashion Trends for Men

As summer ends, take a look at some ways to transition your wardrobe into the fall.


Jacob Leitza

Senior Cole Connelly wears a denim jacket and boots, two staples of men’s fall fashion.

The summer heat is fading into the cool of the fall, and as corn mazes and haunted houses pop up once again, many guys are going to have to swap out their summer wardrobes for something a little more appropriate for the cooler and windier days. Here are a few tips to kickstart a perfect closet going into fall 2018.

Layering different shirts and jackets. 

The most essential part of style until it starts to heat up again: layers are necessary to adapt to the quickly changing temperatures of fall days and nights. Take a hoodie to the next level by adding a flannel on top, or throw a jacket on top of a sweater to keep your style interesting.

Have an array of jackets.

Jackets are a must have in any cooler weather, plus any jacket you wear can be layered with another top to create a whole new look. Keep an eye out for classic looks like denim jackets, bomber jackets and leather jackets to continue to dominate the fall season.

Wear a variety of colors.

As usual, neutral earth tones in shades of brown, black and grey are set to be the most popular color scheme for the fall, but don’t be afraid to try out some other colors you may have missed over the summer, as senior Cole Connelly is doing.

“I want to try some stripes, some new color combos, and kind of just whatever catches my eye,” Connelly said.

Accessorize with interesting shoes.

While slides and flip flops are great for the warmer months, try to leave them to the warmer weather and instead wear more weather-appropriates shoes. Don’t be afraid to beat up your summer sneakers, or wear a pair of chelsea or chukka boots for a more classy look.

Wear full length pants.

As has been the trend for the last few years, skinny or slim-fit pants are still the way to go this fall. Khakis are always a safe bet, and a pair of jeans in any shade from black to blue can provide endless outfits to put together. For those lazy mornings, sweatpants and joggers are still a comfortable go-to, while track pants combine both comfort and trendiness.

Don’t be afraid to accessorize. 

As long as you’re able to match it to your outfit, dad hats and beanies are great to cover up bad hair days or just to add a little extra something to an outfit. Watches are always in style, whether in leather or metal, and no guy should be afraid to add a little more jewelry, whether it be a simple necklace or rings.


While this is by no means a complete guide on every single thing a guy can or should wear during the fall season, these are some basic tips to help transition out of shorts and t-shirts.