Luck of the Draw

1. The results of chance.


Everybody endures struggles in their lives. They are going to face a predicament that can make or break them. As these situations unravel, they depend on certain elements to help guide them along the way, maybe even make the decision for them.

Luck. Success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions. Good or bad, luck can be impactful in enduring situations. We all hope for the good, although, it is never guaranteed. We all have once hoped to be the luck of the draw.

  For some, luck is something they depend on for help with their future decisions. Senior Francisco Alfaro hopes for his shot at luck as he is faced with college decisions that will impact his future. Alfaro is an incredibly talented art student at Antioch Community High School who wishes to continue his passion in college, majoring in game art and sound production with a minor in 3D rendering.

Alfaro is a very passionate student when it comes to art. Alfaro found his drive for art when he was young, drawing on everything including the walls and furniture. Despite how he naturally excelled as an artist, he had his ups and downs continuing with art, as he and his family were faced with struggles.

“My interest in art has been a prominent thing since I was a child,” Alfaro said. “My mother and father had always told me that I would draw on the walls and furniture, in my life I have gone through a lot…but mainly financially with my family. At one point I had given up my art and just read books.”

Luckily, Alfaro had rediscovered his love for art around his freshman year. Alfaro further progressed his career by taking as many art classes as he could. With an original style of traditional art mixed with a dash of erotica and mexican culture, Alfaro’s work is something unique.

“He developed an unique style.” Ms. Leprich, who teaches Art 2D at Antioch, said about Alfaro’s art. “He taught himself how to paint digitally; which is not easy.”

His art career propelled throughout his high school career, most notably when he won first place in an art show and beating a handful of seniors when he was only a sophomore. Alfaro’s art career continued to flourish in high school as his passion for it grew even stronger when it helped him endure his own struggles.

“It is in a way my escape from reality,” Alfaro said. “In my younger days my family and I have gone through a lot together and I coped with it by doing art.”

As his love for art continued to grow, Alfaro knew this is what he wanted to do in his future. With a drive and passion for the subject like his, he knew that he was meant to do this.

  As senior year comes to a close, many seniors have their minds on college. Alfaro hopes to further continue his art career in college. Alfaro applied to Ringling College of Art and Design in Florida as his top choice of education. His other choices include colleges in California and Washington; however, for Alfaro, college is something that might have to be postponed as out of state college costs become a reality to him, and since family has struggled financially previously.

“I may not be going to college right off the bat since my family at the moment is struggling financially,” Alfaro said. “This is our third time going through this. I am working two jobs at the moment to try and help my parents.”

College is something that Alfaro is striving for as his ultimate goal. To him, his luck of the draw would allow him to be able to become further educated about art and, most importantly, be able to share his passion with more people outside of Antioch. While it is evident that he is very talented, scholarships are still difficult to receive. Everyone has that moment in their life when they need a little luck to help push them towards success, and for Alfaro, this is it.

“I hope that I will be able to experience college.” Alfaro said.  “I hope and I pray that I will get in and make use of my art for something.”

Whether it be big or small, everybody is faced with adversity in their lives. As time goes on and people are faced with struggles, they can only try their hardest to push themselves to succeed. For Alfaro, his struggle is getting into the colleges of his dreams despite his family’s financial issues. As people come to face with adversities, they all hope for their chance to be the luck of the draw.