Lunch Room Gets Improvements

To combat the problem of the overflowing lunch lines in the commons, ACHS made improvements over Spring Break to help speed up the lunch process.

Lunch lines for the upperclassmen have been a problem this year. Students pile up in the line waiting to reach the front of the line, and by the time they receive their food they often have little time left before lunch is over. This all changed after spring break, when seniors and juniors came back to a change in the commons.

Over break, the lunch line process took on a new system. It went from two separate lines where one lunchroom staff member had the role of both checking people out and fulfilling lunch orders, to one line where the process now works more like a conveyer belt.

“The lunch line was so slow.” senior Morgan Balleza said. “It would take so much time just to get my food and I would barely have time left to eat.”

The new system speeds the process up by having multiple lunchroom staff members working in the process: one on the cash register, one for handling hot foods and one for refilling things like fries and chicken nuggets when they run out. The new method also has snacks- cookies, chips and brownies- out on display now for students to grab themselves instead of having to ask for someone behind the counter to grab it.

“I like the new system,” Balleza said. “It makes it so much faster to get food and you can see more options now, it’s not all behind the counter.”

The improvements made to the commons have been widely supported by the upperclassmen. Students can now get their lunch in a timely manner and not have to worry about rushing to the commons to get to the front of the lunch line.