Making Memories One Tournament at a Time

Teammates have a bond that makes memories that stick with you Some are good and Sone are bad, but when you look back on them, they’re always funs stories to tell.



Junior Addie Narlock at her softball tournament in late September.

By being part of a sport, an athlete creates a bond with the people on their team. Their team becomes their family, and they make memories that will last a long time. The team becomes something that an athlete will remember forever. For a travel softball team, it is common for the team to travel for games or tournaments and some of these tournaments require overnight stays. These are common times when a team may get closer and create everlasting memories.

“On one of my very first tournaments, we had a rain delay for over an hour,” freshman Emma Monroe said. “All 12 of us crammed into one car listening to music and eating lunch.”

Athletes often feel comforted knowing that their team has their back because they have gone through wins and losses together. When a team wins a game, they know that they put their all in and say that they gave 100 percent into playing. When the whole team contributes to winning a tournament, the team experiences an amazing feeling.

“My team and I went to nationals one year and out of 55 teams, we placed 3rd,” senior Quinn Gillespie said. “Going that far in the tournament was super fun, especially since my friends and I had been playing together for a few years by then, so it felt like all the work we had put in had paid off.”

Often, athletes create personal memories, as well. Senior Julia Wagner was a pinch runner for one of her team members in a varsity game.

“I was given the steal sign and when the ball left the pitcher’s hand I ran, but something felt off,” Wagner said. “When I was an arm’s length away from the bag I tripped and fell. When I stood up, the field ump goes ‘wow … that was embarrassing’. I kinda wish that actually never happened.”

This is something that Wagner can look back on and laugh about it.

Being on a team and being able to connect with your teammates and make memories is something special. Feeling comfortable with your team that you can make mistakes and laugh about them later is something athletes will never forget. That is what makes memories that last throughout time.